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This entry is to verify to LinkConnector that this is my site.

the best part...

of my weekend was...when my niece fell off the bed (ok, jumped) and screamed for her Dad who showed up only to hear her say "I want you to go get Jodi."

of this morning was...when I looked at all the snow and remembered I don't have to go to work (that was incidentally followed by the worst part of the morning when I turned on the Today show and learned more about how terrible the economy still looks.)

of breakfast was...how I managed not to burn toast, eggs or cheese but instead managed to transform them into a delicious sandwich.

of the afternoon was...the nap I took on the couch once the dog stopped being insane.

of this evening so far has been...that alternate side parking has been suspended for tomorrow for snow removal and that means I don't have to move the car!

of tomorrow will hopefully be...when I manage to impress the crap out of the people at a job interview and then have a great lunch with a friend and then all the snow miraculously will melt and it will be a glorious spring afternoon......too much??


For some reason I woke up at 3:30 this morning and just couldn't get back to sleep. I stopped fighting it at 5:00 and finally came downstairs to watch the early news (most schools in the area have a delayed opening and some are closed...we've gotten about 2 inches of snow so far and may get another inch or two but that's it...also the economy still sucks, the superbowl is next week, politicians are still sleazy...that's the news in a nutshell folks.)

In happier news...I got a job and start next Tuesday. It's with a very small online media company called Blue Phoenix Media. The job is ok. It's not great. I probably won't love it. But I hope I'll like it and at the very least it will be a paycheck I can rely on while I look at/apply to/start grad school. I'm excited to start working again. We'll see how it goes.


I have not been a licensed driver since 2002 when my NJ driver's license expired. I lived in NYC and didn't need it and then all this time went by and I learned that to get a new license I'd have to start from scratch and WHO wants to do that so I just never did it. But I finally did it and this morning I took my road test and I'm once again a licensed driver.

some stuff I did since my last post

-Went to that interview in black pants and a black sweater and was totally overdressed. Also I was totally overqualified for the job but thought it was cool but they never called me back so whatever.
-Went to two more interviews (overdressed for those too! I can't get it right!) Both went well but we'll see what happens
-Spent a day with my friend Anna in her kindergarten class (she's the teacher, not a student) and had a great time! Those kids are hilarious.
-Went to the gym with my friend Larisa. She's a trainer and also teaches kickboxing classes. She worked with me for an hour and then I took her class and now I can barely move my whole body is so sore. Adam asked me "what hurts?" I said "All of my muscles. Every single one."
-Got an email from my high school boyfriend. We broke up one day, early in our first semester of college, in a totally reasonable way...not a fight or anything...we just said "maybe we should stop seeing each other and just be in college and have fun" and then we never spoke again. Seriously. It was the best breakup ever and I look back on all the time we spent together with nothing but the best feelings/memories. Now, 14 years later, we're exchanging emails and it's strange and fun.
-Bought the book to study for my first teachers' exam which you have to take before you apply for grad school...it doesn't look so hard after all.
-Filed another week's unemployment claim
-Sent out another dozen or so resumes
-Had dinner with some friends who told us they're expecting their first baby, a girl, after having been trying for about 4 years. Yay! They asked "what's your good news?" And I said, "uh, unemployment?" And they said since the last time we had dinner a few weeks ago I didn't have any wine with dinner (I had a cold and was so medicated I didn't think the wine would be smart) that I was pregnant too. Then Alex (the one who is pregnant) gave me a book she had in her bag (to return to the friend she had borrowed it from) called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." I haven't read it yet.


Job interviews are so strange. Today I had an interview at a small media company...their clients are magazine publishers and they help these publishers with marketing. I could say more about their API or proprietary software but really...who cares?

I had a rousing debate with myself over whether or not I should wear the funky black sweater dress or the stuffy black suit. Maybe they're stuffy (suit.) Well maybe they're hip and young (sweater dress.) The guy on the phone was British and they're stuffy, right (suit) but what if they're looking for someone more creative (sweater) but what if I walk in and they're all like "who is this girl and doesn't she have a suit?

I decided on a black pencil skirt and a black sweater. And I was WAY overdressed. I seem to always be way overdressed for interviews even when I decide not to wear the suit. I guess it's better than showing up in yoga pants when everyone else is in a suit but still...it makes me feel akward...and this particular company is so small that their office is just 3 people so what they really want is someone who will FIT IN and not STICK OUT in their stuffy pencil skirt and sweater.


Also, as an aside, why are they talking on the news now about how Michelle Obama has big hips?? Seriously?


I have to register this week to take one of the tests I'll need to get into this grad program I'm looking at. If I decide to apply for the fall I'll need to have the application in by April and I'll need the score from this test with the application and the only way to gt that in time is to register this week for the February exam. I have not taken an exam since....let's see...oh wow...since my last final exam in college which was MORE THAN TEN YEARS AGO. Man. I am old.



It's 3:20am. At 2:30 the dog banged on the door of his crate insistently and since this is not normal I figured his schedule was just off since Adam had come in late (about 1:45 or 2) from his company holiday party...I let him out and have since followed him around the house cleaning up after him as he's been violently ill. I'll spare you the details. Count yourself lucky. Adam hasn't moved. He probably doesn't even know that I'm not in the bed or that Dusty is puking in the corner behind the chair AGAIN. Is this what it's like to have a kid? I'm afraid.


the only call I've received today was a call from a publisher looking for more information on something I had called her about in November from my old job...you know...the job from where I was let go...the job where I barely had a desk and computer and had to use my cell phone for all work related communication...so that all the crappy little publishers I had to call about crappy little ads now have my PERSONAL cell phone number...awesome


Today has been stressful. You'd think not working would be relaxing but you would be wrong. Here's my list of grievances for today:

--We're out of milk and I don't want to walk to the store to get more because of the weather (see below.)
--It's raining. This means the dog needs to be walked (since he won't go out in the backyard voluntarily in the rain) and also means I can't tire him out at the dog park.
--I'm applying for jobs like crazy. Why aren't these people calling me back immediately? Maybe my phone is broken? Maybe email is down? Maybe they had to leave early to go to the dentist? Maybe they're trapped in their office under something heavy?
--I accidentally replied to Adam from Admarketplace (who I'd been emailing with about setting up a time to talk about a job) with an email intended for Adam my husband. The email said "I steamed your shirts. Also Duster won't poop even after I've taken him out like 6 times." I'm sure this guy now totally wants to hire me.
--I did not go to the gym today (see above about the milk and the weather.)